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menswear project

This is a project in the making, in which I was required to create a collection inspired by an artist or a piece of artwork. I chose a young Israeli artist named Lihi Shani.
In her work, Lihi criticizes the culture of consumption in general, and online shopping and mass production in particular. In her process, Shani discovered that everything we seek, even the most absurd, can be found online with arbitrary search words. Everything has a seller and a buyer, a supply and a demand. Lihi deals with kitsch, copying and duplicating, wherein she manages to find the individual as well. She also pays homage to iconic artwork with materials purchased online and in stores.
Lihi works primarily with inflatable plastic dolls, the most prominent of which is the sex doll, with both humor and criticism.
I will apply this approach to fashion; to the consumption of trends and their integration into our daily appearance.
To this end, I will use the vacuum forming method - which best characterizes the clones, copies, and the injection of hot "trends" into the garment, while integrating them into the pattern itself.